Artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence?

When people think of artificial intelligence (A.I.) they might think of super smart robots wandering the streets like in Minority Report or Transformers. But actually A.I. just means machines that can do jobs that require thinking if a person was to do them. It’s already being used all around us and we don’t even notice. When you go on holiday and the machine scans your face at passport control, that’s using A.I. We’re even using A.I. in hospitals – to carry out operations that might be too complicated for a person to do. And as the technology and innovation develops, we will use A.I. even more.


How are we using it now?

The UAE is very advanced when it comes to A.I. – it is one of the only countries in the world to have its own minister for artificial intelligence. This strategy makes us a world leader. A.I. is currently being used across all government departments and in the education, health and transport sectors. We already have driverless trams and the metro and by 2030, over a quarter of all the transport in the Emirates will be autonomous. Which means no more excuses for being late to school. You can’t win them all!


Seriously though, the UAE government is committed to shaping the future through innovations in A.I. By the time the next generation grows up, it’s likely that all cars will be driverless and a flying taxi will be just as easy to catch as one that runs along the ground. A.I. will identify diseases like cancer earlier than we can now and help work towards a cure. Machines and computer programmes will also be able to predict catastrophic events like earthquakes and tsunamis and warn us in time.


Does that mean machines might take over the world?


As machines get cleverer and cleverer some people are scared that they might get too smart. But that’s just in the movies. No matter how advanced our technology gets, the UAE government is working hard to make sure that laws and regulations are put into place to keep technology safe. Artificial intelligence is there to make our lives easier and to give us more time to do things that make us happier. As long as we develop things sensibly and carefully, we will always be in control.