Khalifa sat

KhalifaSat is out of this world
Quite literally! At this very moment KhalifaSat is spinning around the world, taking high-quality pictures of what’s going on in our planet. Scientists and the UAE government will then use those pictures to track what’s going on in the world and fix any problems as they occur. 

Mooning over you
Did you know that not all satellites are manmade? The word satellite actually means any object the goes around – or orbits – something else. That makes the moon Earth’s very first satellite. Now there are thousands of other man-made or artificial satellites orbiting the Earth alongside it. The KhalifaSat is the very first to be built in the UAE by Emirati engineers. It won’t be the last though.

Each of the satellites currently in space has a different job. Some take pictures of the weather so scientists can track hurricanes and predict whether rain or sunshine is on the way. Others help us stay in touch with our friends and family through phones and the internet. Some of them help us watch TV and play computer games – for educational purposes of course though, right mom!? The KhalifaSat has a much more important job than that though. It’s going to help change our country, and our world.

Put to good use
KhalifaSat’s camera is so powerful that the UAE can use its images to help it plan the city, monitor all the changes in the environment and formulate a plan to help stop humans from ruining the planet. One of the things the KhalifaSat is keeping an eye on is the icebergs in the North Pole and South Pole. Its pictures will show us how fast they’re melting so that we can take measures to save them. 

Although plenty of other countries have their own satellites, KhalifaSat is one of the most powerful. It’s one of the many innovations that make this country a world leader. With projects like KhalifaSat and the other exciting plans we have for space, the UAE is going to infinity – and beyond!